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Journaling reads: It started as what seemed like a nice spring rain. It turned into something that I will never forget. We lost power on at 10:30pm on Monday, December 10th. I lay awake in bed that night listening to the branches crashing down, watching flashes of light in the distance as another pole crashed to the ground. We woke the next morning to find that hundreds of poles in our area had been snapped in half by the one to two inch layers of ice. Estimates of 48 hours to one month came rolling in as to when the power would be back. It made my stomach lurch. I hate the dark. I hate not knowing. I hate the cold. And in this situation, I had to deal with all three. It didn’t come back on until 120 hours had passed: Saturday, December 15th at 10:30pm. Those were the hardest five days I think I’ve ever had to do. Between feeding the kids, keeping them entertained, staying calm, and trying to keep a positive attitude, I was struggling. We used the wood stove the first two days to keep warm & we bought a generator on Day 2. It provided the furnance, some light & entertainment. We had to shut off the living room to conserve heat, so we were cramped into the newly-created “den”, aka the mud room with a TV and lamp. I am so thankful that the power is back on! I have new respect for the pioneers who knew the darkness as a way of life and for the linemen who worked non-stop to get people back into the light.